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White Oak Designs was started as an evening activity while I was on paternity leave during 2021. I’ve always enjoyed being artistic and with the restrictions of the pandemic and having small children, I needed an outlet that I could do from home. I’ve been a CNC machinist since 2008 and have worked with varying metal materials on projects over the years. Once the thought of using these skills in an independent and creative way, I went to work.


I chose to pursue perfecting my skills and improving my pieces. I had the gumption to advertise a few of these pieces on social media, and it was met with success. I was contacted by many people for custom pieces and able to make happy customers from each of them. When the time came for my paternity leave to end, I had a difficult decision to make. I enjoyed staying at home with my children and having this new venture. My wife and I are privileged to have this option and decided to take it making White Oak Designs an official business.


I’m fortunate to have the resources of wood readily available as my father is always building in his spare time with wood from our extended family’s sawmill. After my first “test” project was complete, I realized how much joy it brought me. Over several months, I made a variety of different pieces, both décor and practical, using many types of wood and soft metal. I appreciated the challenge of each piece, the critical thinking, and the craftsmanship.

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