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The ultimate solution for keeping your wood cutting boards and utensils in top condition. Our 100% food grade safe product use only the highest quality ingredients: 100% food grade mineral oil and white beeswax.


Our board butter is designed to retain the natural beauty and hydration of wood, protecting it from drying out and cracking. It's perfect for use on all types of wood, including bamboo, hardwood, and wood composite.


In each tin, you'll receive approximately 4 oz of board butter - enough to keep your wood products looking and performing their best for months to come. Best to re-apply Board butter once a month or of wood items are used a lot every 3 to 5 times they are wash. Never Put your wooden utensils or cutting boards in the dishwasher.


Directions for use: To apply board butter, simply spread a small amount on a dry cloth and buff into the wood until the entire surface is covered. After 10 to 15 minutes buff off all the excess board butter.

Board Butter

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